Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad Blogger!

Wow. Sorry about that. It doesn't seem like its been a whole month since my last post. It just went by so quickly and so much has been going on that I didn't even notice.

In case anyone has been wondering all this time, I did stay in the city to get my copy of Harry Potter at midnight. I got a lot of comments from various friends and co-workers on Monday about a possible sanity deficiency on my part because "all the stores had plenty of copies." I wasn't afraid that they would run out - I wanted it at midnight! These people have all known me for a while. You would think that they would get the fact that I don't like to wait for things by now.

I met a woman, whose name was Karen if I remember correctly, in the knitting aisle at Borders. The two of us just sat on the floor, knitting and chatting until it was time to go line up, so it was a very pleasant evening.

There was this rather odd woman there with us - we did try to keep her included in the conversation as much as we could, but all she kept asking us was how how to knit a cape with a hood. She wasn't asking for explaination of a stitch or help understanding a pattern - she wanted me to tell her step by step how to knit a cape with a hood. She kept pulling books off the shelf, showing me patterns and asking "Would you recommend this?"or "How would you go about attaching a hood to this cape?" or "Do you think I can do this pattern?"

Not that I'm ever unwilling to help if I can, but does this ever happen to anyone else - complete strangers asking if you think they can do something? (The somewhat snarky answer is "If you have to ask, probably not.") I was really quite proud of myself for managing to not say that out loud at the time. Sometimes my mouth engages a second or two ahead of my brain. I'm sure that she was a lovely woman normally, but the whole encounter was just slightly to the left of bizarre.

Anyway, the rest of my missing month has been equally crazed. My aunt got married, I went on another camping trip with my mom and some friends, not to mention various barbeques, cookouts and get-togethers along with the usual level of insane busy-ness at work. I'm actually looking forward to the end of summer so that things will calm down and I can relax a little.

Oh, right... Christmas.