Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not Quite There Yet

I know I'm going to pay for it later, but I still can't interest myself in getting very much done. It's driving me crazy. I have things that I want to make and things that I know I need to get done for Christmas. I keep thinking about casting them on. I even go so far as gathering everything I need - book, yarn, needles - into the WIP basket next to the chair, but I never seem to get quite as far as putting stitches on the needles. And it's not like I'm really doing much else. The past few weeks may have been some of the most unproductive weekends of my life. About the only place I'm actually getting any knitting done is on the train and honestly I don't think that's going to get everything done.

Thing is, I know that a day is going to come - and it's going to probably come soon, when the Funk is going to give way to a mad case of Startitis and I'm not going to be able to cast on fast enough.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just a Phase

I've been feeling extremely unproductive the past couple of weeks. Nothing is working to get me out of it, I've tried everything - fondling the stash, organizing patterns, going through books, buying new magazines... Nothing. Not a single urge to cast on anything new. And forget the stuff in the UFO basket, it's all just sitting there looking forlorn and abandoned, waiting uselessly to be knitted, fringed, blocked or sewn together. (Or some combination of these.)

I have been knitting socks on the train (everyone is getting a pair of socks for Christmas this year)(That's not all they're getting, but everyone is getting socks)(I mean everyone in my family, not everyone in the world) but even those have just been YarnHarlot's Plain old sock recipe from Knitting Rules! in self striping yarn. I think it qualifies as pretty much the minimum effort you can put in and still call it knitting.

Whatever this funk is - and it doesn't just extend to knitting, I haven't been working on anything else, either - Let's hope I get out of it soon, otherwise people are going to be getting pictures of thier Christmas presents this year. Again.