Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here We Go Then....

I never did get around to telling you about my camping trip, did I?

Oh, well. it was great. We had lots of fun. It was very relaxing. This was the view from our campsite, so really nothing to complain about there.

This is a picture of my mother doing dishes. She was ridiculously charmed by this little portable sink thing that we found. It folds up and fits into a little bag and I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy doing dishes quite so much.

Which worked out great for me, because it meant that she usually did all the washing up.

Anyway, part of the reason that I never got around to posting about it (aside from the fact that it usually takes me about a month to get around to posting anything) is that I have been Really, Really, Really Busy.

In addition to my Actual Job of, you know, having a job, and my secondary job of trying to keep the house two (okay one) steps ahead of becoming an episode of Hoarders, Ive also been working on a project. Phase I is this:

I will admit to being biased, because I am, but I love these stitch markers more than you can imagine. Not just because I like pretty shiny thing, but because they're things that I made that are a step towards building something that a couple of years ago I wouldn't have thought that I could do. I'm still not sure I can pull it off, but Holda Fiber Arts is me. All Me. It's mine and now it exists someplace other than inside my own head. The stitch markers are a start, but within the next year the plan is to have hand-dyed fiber and yarn available.

Hopefully other people will like them as much as I do, because they're going to be for sale at Rhinebeck in the Tsock Tsarina's booth (Art For Your Feet) in Building C, Space 9/10.

You have no idea how much I'm freaking out (in a good way) (mostly in a good way) about the fact that the first venue I'll be selling something at is Rhinebeck.

I guess if you're going to do something, you might as well jump straight into the deep end. Or off the deep end. I'm not sure which one this is yet.