Sunday, January 13, 2008

And I'm back again

The problem when you get really busy and neglect the blog for a few weeks (okay a month) is that so much has gone on in the meantime that the thought of catching everything up becomes overwhelming and you just keep neglecting the blog. It's a vicious cycle.

So, to update - about five days before Christmas I reached the final stage of holiday knitting. I managed to get through Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression fairly quickly. Acceptance took a little longer. Everyone got their hats, but I had to give up on the scarves. My mom and my brother each got one sock. The others are on the way. My sister in law was pretty impressed with the self-striping yarn. I know I always am. My grandmother really liked her socks, but when she opened them - I noticed something odd.

I'm really not certain how I managed to make one foot half the length of the other, but I did, so now Granny is short a sock as well.

Today at our knitting meetup Kelly brought her spinning wheel and I got a quick lesson from her and Helen. I spun a little bit of remarkably crappy yarn and she loaned me her drop spindle so that I can practice with that for a while until I can get my own. It's possible that I may now be hooked.


LICraftgal said...

I love the yarn for the socks!! That is something I would do, make one shorter that the other.
So now another spinner in the making Yeah!!!

Nan said...

LOL, I love the story about the short sock, I can see how it happened though when I looked at the pattern of the strips, you got to a repeat row and though you were further along! That's something I did once too, but caught myself before I did the graphing of the toes, so don't feel bad, it can happen to anyone!