Friday, July 6, 2007

I am Weak

You would think that someone as stubborn as I am would be a bit more strong willed. Well, strong willed I've never had trouble with, but I crumble in the face of yarn.

Despite my - well, let's call it ranting - of just four days ago about how I can't stand all the clutter and the unfinished projects lurking around the house I have in fact, started two new projects.

I have no explaination.

Well, actually, one project is within the rules. It's a cute little baby blanket that I'm making entirely out of stash yarn. No real problem there unless you count working up from the bottom of the list, but I think we can all let that slide. Right? Say right, you know you want to.

The other project, which technically hasn't been started yet, I'm having a little more trouble rationalizing. But come on along with me while I try. Here's why it's not my fault.

You see, I've been seeing mention of the MS3 project on various blogs for the past few weeks. I resisted. I think I resisted pretty admirably. But then it was mentioned yesterday that today would be the last day to sign up. I thought, I've never done a knit along before. I'll miss it. I'll never know how it comes out. How could I live with that? I decided that I couldn't and right over the edge I went. Like a Lemming. Apparently I'm a joiner. Who knew?

The problem was that if I do have any laceweight in the stash, and I'm pretty sure that I do - pink is coming to mind - I have no idea where it is. (See Monday's post) So I had to find some laceweight and wouldn't you know, they had some at Habu, which is an entirely too convenient 1 1/2 blocks from my office making it way too easy to get there at lunchtime.

There you go then, perfectly reasonable. For my penance, I will find frames for the finished pieces this weekend and finish the blue butterfly cross stitch that only needs one wing filled in to be done. Then I can start the mystery stole.

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Nan said...

LOL, I tend to start too many project at one time too.. I understand your situation. Thanks for visiting me at my blog, I really do love the quilt Alice made for me, no one has ever made me anything like that before! I am still in shock!
I think I might have read your blog in the past, maybe even commented a few months back when we first joined the knitting web right around the same time maybe? Anyway, I enjoyed catching up on it, love the pictures of the water rafting! Looks fun! Don't think I could ever do that though, too much of a chicken.