Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm not complaining, but...

It's been some week. They've been keeping me very, very busy at that place they make me go to earn yarn money. I've been getting home later and later every day this week and my dinners have been getting less and less - well lets just say less ideally nutritious. Monday's dinner was pretty good - pasta primavera with some nice fresh asparagus. Nothing wrong there.

Tuesday - I gave in and stopped at KFC on the way home from the train. I try to avoid fast food as much as I can, but desperate circumstances....

Tonight I had ice cream.
We'll speak no more of this.


The first pair are a bit bright, aren't they? I have someone in mind for these. She's 12, I think she'll appreciate the colors. So that's one Christmas gift down.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the other socks are green. I like the color, but I'm not sure about the pattern. I know you can't see it at all, but i think it's getting lost in the color of the yarn. Odds are though, that I'm not going to pull it out to change now, so I'll probably just keep them for myself.

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