Sunday, June 10, 2007

No Pictures Today...

I suspect that the digital camera has gone to a Yankees game. I may have to break down and get one of my own. I will, however describe for you what would be in the pictures if I could, in fact find the camera.

1. These are the plants that I spent most of my money on at the garden center yesterday. We should have a good supply of zuccini this summer, along with some nice eggplant and several different varieties of tomatoes. (My mother finds it amusing that I grow tomatoes, since I don't actually like tomatoes and don't eat them.)

2. These are the geraniums that I've been growing in pots in the house since last year. I'm going to have the biggest geraniums on the block this summer.

3. Here are the two hydrangeas that came home in pots at Easter. They probably could have gone outside a few weeks ago, but I've been sort of busy the past few weekends and so they're going out now. They'll look good next to the driveway.

4. See the pretty peach rosebush. Note to self - roses have thorns that will cut your hands even through gardening gloves. Be more careful next time.

5. In case you were thinking that this was somehow a yarn free weekend - how silly of you. Since, as I mentioned, I'm trying to get out and meet other knitters - instead of ordering things off the internet as I usually do, I actually went looking for a few yarn stores in my area. One I wasn't too impressed with - not much of a selection. The other may be a bit more promising - I'll have to go back and check it out again. I did get some nice Regia sock yarn, though. That will be my train project for this week. I may have to start travelling a bit farther afield.

I also made a stop at AC Moore - they had Sugar 'n Cream cotton on sale for $1 a ball so I grabbed a few just in case I ever decide to knit someone a washcloth. I'm actually thinking about running over and grabbing a few more this afternoon.