Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Down

I've actually (pretty much) finished two things. There's this afghan:

which I started about a year and a half ago. Yes, it sat in a bag about 2/3 done for that long until I came across it and decided to finish. I tried a few different patterns with this yarn, but nothing made me happy. Everything I tried just interfered with the color changes.

All those endless rows of stockinette threatened to make me crazy, but I was saved by the pretty colors.

I've also (sort of) finished the striped shawl.

I finished the knitting anyway. It still needs to be blocked and fringed, but I'll knock that out over the weekend.

I really need to get it finished because it's absolutely freezing in the office. The guys don't seem to notice it quite as much. They really don't understand the connection between the cold and the fact that the rest of us keep having to run to the ladies room every hour.

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Nan said...

I actually made an afghan using the same yarn a few months ago, I loved the results, but hated the yarn, mostly for how they had knots in the skeins from when they joined 2 pieces together, for how expensive the yarn was, I don't think it should have been full of knots as if it was second hand quality, did you have the same issue? Maybe it was a bad lot that mine came from, only 3 of the skeins didn't have a knot in it at all and 2 of them had 3 knots each.